Getting Started with the StockTickr Automated Trading Robot

It's very important to understand how the robot works before putting real money to work.

That's why there is an easy way to test the robot in demo mode at any time (even after hours) to test your robot configuration.

To begin testing the robot, go ahead and set up your automated strategies on the Automated Strategies tab.

You can them bring up TWS in simulated mode using the anonymous login, using your own personal test account, or with your actual account in live mode. Of course, we recommend using one of the simulation modes for testing.

To connect to TWS from the robot, you'll need to make sure that TWS is configured to allow connections. Ensure that the "Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients" option is activated in TWS. Then you should be able to connect on the Login tab of the robot.

Next, enable the "Show Debug Messages" button. This will enable verbose logging to the messages window.

Sending a Test Alert

Important - Sending a test alert WILL send a trade to TWS if that's how your strategies are configured.

When you're ready to send a test, click the "Test Alert" button. This will generate a test alert to all strategies and alert windows.

By default, the TEST symbol will get converted to QQQQ. You can control which symbol the test alert uses by going to the Settings tab and changing the "Convert TEST Symbol To:" setting to another symbol.

If the alert meets your trading instructions criteria for one of your automated strategies, you should see a new "API" tab in TWS: