Quote Timeout Messages

The robot uses the brokers feed to retrieve a quote for each valid signal that it receives from your Trade-Ideas strategies.

Here's the exact order of events:

  1. Robot receives a signal from one of your Trade-Ideas strategies.
  2. The robot determines whether it is a signal that it should send an order for (for example, is it the right time of day, has the max orders been reached already for this strategy, etc)
  3. Once the robot determines that it should initiate a trade for the signal, it uses your broker's quote feed to initiate a request for a quote for the symbol.
  4. The robot checks every 100 milliseconds to see if a quote has been received from your broker's quote feed.
  5. The robot waits for up to Quote Timeout milliseconds to retrieve a quote from your broker's feed where Quote Timeout is specified on the Settings tab in the robot.
  6. If the robot receives the quote with Quote Timeout milliseconds, it sends the order according to the trading instructions that you've specified in your strategy.
  7. If it does NOT receive a quote before Quote Timeout milliseconds, then it abandons the trade and writes a "Quote timeout for SYMBOL from strategy" event to the debug log.

What to do if you get a lot of quote timeouts

There are a couple reasons you might be getting quote timeouts.  If you are using an Interactive Brokers account, then it's possible that TWS is not sending the quote data reliably.  (This is especially common for paper trading accounts).

Try restarting TWS and the bot and reconnecting.  If this doesn't work you can delve into the following files to see what the robot is doing.

  • c:\jts\log.DOW.txt where DOW is the day of the week
This file shows every action that was taken by TWS (warning: it's a lot of data).  You can search through this file to see if there are errors from TWS.

Also you can click the "Open Log Folder" button in the automated strategies tab in the robot and examine the messages.yyyymmdd.txt file, the errors.yyyymmdd.txt file and the quotes.yyyymmdd.txt file to see if there are errors and if you need to increase the Quote Timeout setting to a higher number of milliseconds.