Modifying Your Trades in Bulk

You can modify your trades individually or you can modify them in bulk. The easiest way to modify trades is from the main journal view.

Click the check box in the edit column for each trade you want to delete. You can use the "All" link shown below to select every trade that is shown.

After the trades are selected, Choose the function that you want to perform and click the Bulk Modify button shown below to modify the trades.

The available functions are:

  • Delete Trades - delete selected trades from your journal permanently.
  • Add Tag - add a tag to all selected trades.
  • Delete Tag - removes a tag from all selected trades if the tag exists.
  • Change Tag - renames a tag on all selected trades.
  • Change Commission - changes the commissions assigned to selected trades.
  • Add/Subtract Hours from Trade Times - adds or subtracts hours from the open and close date of selected trades.  (Useful if you upload a set of trades in the wrong time zone - all trades in StockTickr should be in Eastern Time).
  • Change Multiplier - change the multiplier for selected trades.
  • Mark as Test Trade - marks all selected trades as "Test Trades".
  • Mark as NON Test Trade - marks all selected trades as NON test trades (or normal trades).