Feature Free Basic ProElite
Keep track of your trades in a comprehensive trading journal
Run simple reports that analyse your trading from different angles
Use filters to look at certain types of trades
View equity curve and other summary graphs
Powerful trading summary including performance metrics
Daily trading calendar with personal notes
Add your own custom charts to the journal
Enter large number of trades using a bulk import tool  
Use your own custom tags to categorize your trades and markets  
Advanced tag reports for active traders  
Automatically generated charts with your entry and exit  
Risk based metrics and analysis  
Powerful chart review to quickly view multiple charts  
Advanced filters to view subsets of your trades  
Access to the Trade-Ideas OddsMaker advanced reports (requires OddsMaker subscription)  
Fully automated trading robot for use with Trade-Ideas  
Access to API for inclusion in custom applications  
Priority customer support via email  
Priority customer support via email and/or phone    
Maximum number of trades in journal per year 100 1000 Unlimited
Advanced commission simulation for testing commission rates changes    
Powerful trade backtesting and optimization    
Complete MFE/MAE metrics and giveback analysis    
Cost Free $49.99/mo or $499/yr $199.99/mo or $1999 for lifetime
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"I just wanted to thank you for making StockTickr available to us. It's a must have trade journal for all new and seasoned traders alike. I use your bulk add feature to import all my trades, tag them according to specific strategy and analyze them each night and then again over the weekend. The tag feature helps me see which strategy works and at what time periods they are most effective. Also, your's is the best customer support I have seen."

- Govind


"Discretionary traders will get tremendous insight using StockTickr to track their real time or paper trades.  Objective analysis of trading results will determine if a trading method or set up really confers an edge.  StockTickr can also be used to determine if fine-tuning is required, particularly when it comes to stop placement."

- Teresa Lo of Powerswings.com

"Any time you systematically review your performance over time.and the factors associated with successful and unsuccessful performance. you.re engaging in self-monitoring. One of the most common ways to monitor oneself is through the use of trading journals. Active intraday traders might make entries during a midday break and at the end of the trading day; others might simply write in the journal at the end of each day in which they are making trading decisions. The key is to catch your patterns as soon after they occur as possible, rather than rely upon fallible memory. "

- Brett Steenbarger in The Daily Trading Coach in section on StockTickr