StockTickr Testimonials

"The StockTickr journal helps me make money by showing me in black and white how my trades are working in the current environment and over longer timeframes. By being able to tag my trades and keep performance statistics for each system independently of each other, I know what is working and what isn't. I can then focus on what works and work to improve that specific system." - Joey F.

"StockTickr has helped me understand the performance of my strategies better, so I can make more money focusing on the ones that work." - Richard T.

"I can say that StockTickr completely replaced my spreadsheet trading journal. It is much more effective way how to analyze individual stock trades and different strategies. And I have to say that Dave is very friendly on support side if you need it." - Richard K.

"StockTickr has given me an easy way to track the effectiveness of my trade system ideas, and let me know in a quantifiable way which ideas are hair brained, and which ideas are worth implementing into my everyday trading." - Dylan-Thomas V.