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Welcome to StockTickr!

StockTickr is an online trading journal that helps you hone your trading edge by giving you tools to quickly and easily see where your trading systems do well and there they underperform. StockTickr allows you to do the following:

  • Easily enter your trades in a secure, private trading journal
  • Access automatically generated candlestick charts with your entries and exits plotted right on the chart in several timeframes
  • Automatically enter your executions from select brokers' trading platforms
  • Track different aspects of your trading using tags (a.k.a. categories)
  • Access powerful aggregate reports that show you, in black and white, where you make and lose money
  • Access graphs that show you how to become consistently profitable
  • Filter your trading performance database in dozens of ways
  • Run queries on your charts to show your most and least profitable trades
  • Become a profitable trader not by following someone else's advice, but by unlocking the trader within YOU!